Everything you need to know about carpet stretching

Everything you need to know about carpet stretching

Carpet flooring offers a timeless and classic elegance that lends so much to your home. But you?ll find carpet re-stretching and stretching to be necessary care components in this product line.

Over time, these floors can buckle to the point that it begins to show. And that's when you'll want to take care to have the flooring stretched. Read along to learn more about carpet stretching.?

What is carpet stretching?

Carpet stretching is a simple process that starts with pulling the material taut. Then, it's resecured around the edges with anchor or tack strips for a firm hold.

This becomes necessary from time to time due to aging, heavy traffic, or the wrong padding usage. In addition, a faulty installation can result in wrinkled or rippled carpeting, making carpet stretching necessary.

If you see bubbling, bunching, or wrinkling, it's time for stretching. It sounds like a simple process, but there's much more to it.

The carpet stretching process is delicate

This process should only be left to experienced professionals trained in carpeting services. The process is delicate and requires complete focus and expertise.

For carpets that need edging work, the process is somewhat similar. But instead of stretching the whole carpeting, only the edges receive care.

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When you're ready to consider this critical flooring service, we're here to ensure it's a success. Let us know when, and we'll see that you love your results.

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